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Never Breathe Again

Have you ever felt like you were dying from a broken heart?
Well, Mahogany Cooper's broken heart is literally killing her. She doesn't believe she can survive the breakup of her marriage. She's unable to work, eat, sleep, and breathe. Julian Cooper, her husband of seven years, has announced that he's leaving her for his longtime friend named Golden Thomas. Mahogany is devastated and feels as though the best remedy would be for Julian to simply come back to her and make it work, which she sees as the only way to stop the pain. But both Mahogany's best friend and her sister insist that she must face the pain and detox from the man whom she says she cannot live without. Will Mahogany survive losing her love, who's experiencing his seven-year itch, or will her broken heart be too much for her to bear? But hold up - Mahogany just might have a secret or two of her own.


To Each Her Own

In a world of black and white, sometimes you've got to look deeper into the gray areas!
Shasta Ann Gibson is a liberated, educated, successful executive at a broadcasting company. At 39 years old, she's never been married nor has she had kids, and her biological clock is ticking. Born and raised in the south by a conservative single father, she grew up with certain rules impressed upon her about race. While she has a very long list of what she wants in a man, being with a man who is a minority is not one of them. That is until Ramon Vaz, a charming, younger coworker who runs the mailroom, charms her into just one date. But her boss, her friend named Maya, and her father, cause problems that will either force her to run from, or run to this black man named Ramon, who might not fit the bill as far as her list, but she just might have more in common with him than she bargained for.